Protective Shield Apparatus - Cide Shields


U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has issued patent number 8,356,540 for our unique Cide Shields products. 


Combining two 1,000 Lumen, high-intensity flood light modules to each shield, we are able to provide significantly increased illumination and assurances.


At 2,000 Lumens of ultra-bright light, these shields are truly unique. Additionally, all light modules are positioned behind the protective transparent material, offering a layer of protection for the lighting system.  Unlike other products that fix a light on the top or front of a shield, thus exposing that light source, Cide Shields patented protections allow our lights to be where they are also less likely to be damaged.


Patented under U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, number 8,356,540.  

All Rights Reserved

Our uniformed law enforcement and security personnel are faced with the most difficult task of instantly evaluating each and every traffic stop, check subject, domestic or call for service and take the correct action when faced with any number of threats.  With Cide Shields they can face these threats with greater protections and confidence.



         You wouldn't go on patrol without your side-arm, so don't go on patrol without your Cide-Shield either.


Multiple Threat Protections for the Head, Face & Neck

Transparent, with no visual distortion & Lightweight

Dual High-Intensity Flood Light System Available

National Institute of Justice Certified Lab Tested, 108.01 Standard

Patented Protective Shield Apparatus,  Exclusively Manufactured by Citadel Defense Technologies, Inc.

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P.O. Box 25011

Lansing, MI. 48909


(517) 759-5555


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