Manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • ISO 9002 Certified. 
  • Five Year Ballistic Guarantee.
  • Exclusive Manufacturer of Cide Shields.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America.



Cide Shields offer exceptional Ballistic, Edged Weapon, Animal, Chemical, Physical and Explosive attack protections. This truly unique personal protective device addresses those multiple threats and circumstances faced by our first incident responders.

Traffic stops are potentially dangerous; as are domestic violence calls,  check subject situations and building searches. There is always a degree of surprise, given the reactive nature of these situations,   which place the responder at a disadvantage.  Cide Shields can actually turn this disadvantage into the officer’s favor, as the attacker would have to overcome the additional Cide Shield barrier.

Brighter than your patrol vehicle's spot light... and you can take it with you. 

Cide Shields combine both lighting with protection, and then go the extra mile our first incident responder’s deserve. Our Dual High-Intensity Flood Light System is like carrying two 1,000 Lumen flashlights and the multiple threat protections address the concerns our officers face every day on the street. 

At 2,000 Lumens of ultra-bright light, this system realty lights up any area and is protected behind the transparent protective material, providing greater assurance responders will have the illumination they need.

Transparent, Lightweight, Multiply Threat Protections & Dual Lighting make this device a must for every officer.

Multiple Threat Protections for the Head, Face & Neck

Transparent, with no visual distortion & Lightweight

Dual High-Intensity Flood Light System Available

National Institute of Justice Certified Lab Tested, 108.01 Standard

Patented Protective Shield Apparatus,  Exclusively Manufactured by Citadel Defense Technologies, Inc.

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P.O. Box 25011

Lansing, MI. 48909


(517) 759-5555


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