Parvulus Lubrications

Parvulus is a specialized lubricating agent specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.  Ideal for lubricating firearms.

Exclusively manufactured by Citadel Defense Technologies, Inc., Parvulus Lubrications were originally developed to unfreeze microscopic high-speed motor barring’s.  However the extreme range of temperature resistance and its advanced lubricating qualities have other markets taking notice. 

Our Law Enforcement and Military personnel, as well as gunsmiths and hunters, have benefited from Parvulus’s capabilities with respect to their firearm reliability.


Advanced Lubrication

Parvulus Lubrications are sold in two (2) ounce bottles and quart size (32 oz.) bottles.  Only a small amount of Parvulus Lubricaton is needed to provide exceptional lubrication when prolonged functionality under extreme conditions is required.  It is unrealistic to believe a single product that Cleans, Lubricates and Protects a firearm is capable of properly accomplishing those diverse tasks.  Therefore, Parvulus makes no claims to clean, it lubricates and lubricates well.    

Parvulus Lubrication, in the 2 oz bottle, is $14.95.

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