Cide Shields Advanced Technologies

Cide Shields have been carefully designed to incorporate four advanced security features. Features that include; being lightweight, standard dual high-intensity flood light system, being completely transparent and providing multiple threat protections.  Specifically; ballistic, edged weapon, explosive, chemical, physical and animal attacks. 


It is important Officers have a free hand, which is why Cide Shields include our High-Intensity Flood Light System and are completely transparent.   Protections above the vest, with up to 2,000 Luments of light allow responders the ability to concentrate on the situations they face with significantly increased confidence.     


Cide Shields eliminate having to quickly peek into rooms or down hallways because our protective, transparent material allows for unobstructed and prolonged views of these areas, increasing Officer safety and effectiveness.

There is a reason why officers have a difficult time looking through shield windows, they significantly restrict the officer’s view. This is both inconvenient and dangerous, forcing responders to look above or around the shield. Cide Shields have eliminated this dangerous problem, which also eliminates responders from exposing their face above the shield.

Cide Shields personal protective shield products have been shot with multiple rounds and multiple calibers. They have been shot at both 90 and 45 degree angles, from a distance of 15 feet, without penetrations. Significant to Cide Shields is the protective materials capability to capture fired rounds.  Captured bullets don’t ricochet, eliminating any possibility of hitting innocent bystanders or fellow officers and captured bullets are easier to locate for evidentiary purposes.

Protections Against; Ballistic, Edged Weapons, Explosive, Chemical, Physical & Animal Attacks