Cide Shields are a necessary personal protective device invented by law enforcement for law enforcement. Specifically designed to provide immediate protection for the "Thin Blue Line", security personnel, home defense and school safety administrators.


Cide Shields provide Ballistic, Explosive, Edged Weapon, Chemical, Animal and Physical attack protections for the  head, face and neck.  Immediate cover designed to protect our uniformed law enforcement responders as they conduct traffic stops, respond to unknown troubles, answer domestic calls for service,...  It is our uniformed patrol and security personnel who potentially face the most dangerous situations yet have the least in protective equipment.


Cide Shields personal protective devices have further been designed to replace single flashlights currently being used with a dual high-intensity flood light system.  Standard equipment on each shield is our dual 1000 Lumen ultra-bright lights which are independently wired for increased reliability.  At 2000 Lumens of combined lighting, this system provides superior illumination with the confidence only two light modules can provide. 


Multiple threat protections, above the vest, with increased illumination, in a transparent single hand-held product has been unrealized until now.  Cide Shields allow all first incident responders; including school personnel, home defense, law enforcement and security personnel, advanced protection like never before. 

National Institute of Justice Tested


We have conducted both internal and external ballistic testing of our shields against these rounds, at both 90 and 45 degree angles, with zero penetration. 


Significant to our transparent ballistic material is the capture capabilities of fired rounds. Even at 45 degree angles our shields captured rounds fired, lessoning the chances of rounds bouncing off the shield and striking innocent bystanders or fellow responders.  Additionally, captured rounds eliminate the need to search for fired round evidence.


Then we contacted the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC), who advised our shields did not need to be certified.  We had it done anyway because having a federally approved independent testing lab conduct NIJ ballistic testing is just that important.


We utilized the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic standard 108.01, and had an accredited testing laboratory conduct the tests and evaluation.  The result of their testing has concluded our Ballistic rating at a NIJ Level II.   


NIJ Level II Ballistic Rating